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Taking a break from it all!

In early April, we took a week's holiday at the Welsh coast. It is a beautiful area that we visited several years ago when moving to Shropshire. We have fallen in love with the surroundings of Harlech with its amazing views of Snowdonia and the sea. Not to mention a fabulous castle domineering the immediate landscape.

I took the opportunity to have a break from printmaking and get out my watercolours to try to capture the welsh landscapes. It was a bit of fun, a good daily challenge, and it made a nice change to complete an image without the need for tools, equipment and drying time!

The exercise has certainly inspired me to try to do more ad hoc / en plein air painting. It reminded me not to get too absorbed in the process of printmaking at the expense of feeling free to be creative in other mediums. It has also inspired me to try to capture more of the amazing welsh landscape in both print and paint.

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