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Going with the (creative) flow!

One of the problems with returning to art at a later stage is that, although I might have a better idea of who I am, I have not developed an artistic style to match my years! Whilst I am drawn to lino print as it gives me a structure around which to create, I am finding that as I get more and more comfortable creating, I want to try my hand at mediums that I have long forgotten or that are completely new. Sometimes it feels as if I have no direction and I am bouncing around from one piece of work to the next and - for any of my Instagram followers, that is probably what it feels like! I hope no one is suffering from travel sickness or turbulence as they join my twisty-turny journey back to art.

That said, I have been listening to plenty of podcasts and Instagram interviews (I can recommend Laura Boswell and Peter Keegan's 'Ast an Artist' podcast, and also the Instagram interviews by Sam Marshall @sammarshallart) and 'finding a style' seems to be a common cause of concern for both new and established artists. I am grasping onto the advice that the best thing to do when feeling inspired (if a little 'lost') is to embrace it and give yourself over to whatever it is you want to create. Enjoy the journey and see where it takes you and it will be in looking back that you identify your style, rather than in looking forward.

So, with that excuse nicely lined up, I can confidently say that throughout June, I have been going with the creative flow! This has led to a series of mini watercolour illustrations inspired by some random frames I found, a watercolour landscape of a shady spot at Attingham Park, a watercolour portrait of my 2yo daughter, the completion of my reduction lino print of a cat on a bench, a lino print of some lolloping hounds, and a challenging, but ultimately enjoyable, commission of a classic car.

I have to say, it has been very freeing! Now. Where do I go from here??

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