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Art to make you happy!

I love creating art to make people happy! I work in a range of styles and mediums to deliver a piece that captures your idea as a print or a painting.

Prices start from £50 for original pieces tailored to your specifications.

Please contact me on 07876 773006 or to find out more.

Bespoke Invitation

Watercolour 12 x 16"
plus 100 professionally produced invitation cards and inserts

"It looks amazing! People love the invite - we are getting loads of comments!"


50th Birthday Commission

Watercolour 12" x 16"

"It is amazing! He really is thrilled! Most successful present I have ever bought him!"

Hold My Hand

Watercolour 14" x 10" / 36 cm x 25 cm

"The painting has arrived and I absolutely adore it Anthea! Thank you so much"


Oil on canvas 24" x 18" / 60 cm x 45 cm

 "Looks fantastic - Love it! It is even better on canvas than in the pictures"

"It looks amazing. You have captured her beautifully!"


Pastel 16" x 12" / 40 cm x 30 cm


Hattie and Dad

"The painting is amazing Anthea. I love it. He has been crying for ten minutes - he is so touched by it"

Watercolour 14" x 10" / 36 cm x 25 cm


Watercolour 16" x 12" / 40 cm x 20 cm

Zhavia _edited.jpg

Z is for Zhavia

Watercolour 12" x 10" / 34cm x 26 cm

 "Absolutely stunning! It looks marvellous"



Watercolour 14" x 10" / 36cm x 26 cm

"Anthea did a great job with the picture. Vibrant and so much detail with the watercolour. We received it the day after it was complete and Anthea kept us up to date with progress and was very accommodating with any tweaks we requested. Thank you!"


Riley Imp

Watercolour 14" x 10" / 36cm x 26 cm

The Brief: Create from a series of photos a painting of the car and driver at the Goodwood Racetrack with the Girling stand in view. 

The Creation: Photos of the car and driver were provided and I did plenty of online research to recreate the background setting. I set the car track side in front of the Girling stand on a lovely dusky evening. If you look carefully, the driver's wife and dog are overlooking the track and among the sponsors' banners is the driver's own company!

The Review: "Amazing compilation of a series of photos to create a wonderful scene and accurate depiction of the car and driver!"

IMG_20210622_201619284 (1)_edited.jpg

Child's Portrait

Watercolour 14" x 10" / 36cm x 26 cm

The Brief: To capture a moment, creating a true likeness of a toddler from a series of photographs.

The Creation: The focus of the drawing is the child's face with a looser style for the dress and the background so the eye is drawn to the smiling face. We wanted to create a relaxed, summer scene to reflect this carefree period in childhood, so trousers and shoes were replaced with a dress and bare legs and feet.

The Review: "A wonderful likeness. You can hear her giggle when you look at the face!"


Bungle's Spot

Watercolour and ink, A4

The Brief:  A remembrance painting of a dear pet from a forgotten photo that captured the cat's favourite place to sunbathe

The creation: I chose a loose style using ink and watercolour to capture the detail and the colour on a relatively small scale. We chose to edit out some french windows which interrupted this garden scene allowing Bungle to sit in his spot without any interruption! I love this composition so much, I turned it into a reduction linoprint.

The Review: " I am delighted with Anthea's portrait of my cat on his favourite bench; such a good likeness of him and beautifully painted in a garden scene. Treasured memories of him. I would have no hesitation in asking her to do a portrait again"


Just Bee

Lino print 10 x 10 inches / 25cm x 25cm

This striking gold and black lino print of a bee with beflowered wings was designed based on a concept and idea from the client.

Three identical limited edition copies were printed and were gifted to three sisters within the same family.

The client kindly gave permission for the design to be recreated as greeting cards which have turned out to be very popular!


L is for Lara

Watercolour - image size A4

The Brief: The commission was for a children's illustration to celebrate the birth of a new arrival named Lara!

The Creation: Within the watercolour illustration are hidden lots of images beginning with L; Leverets, lemons, lemonade, lizard, ladybird, lutes, lovehearts, larks and larkspur.  Also hidden within the image are the baby's birth date, birth year and birth weight. It was a joy to paint and was well received by the new mum!

The Review: "Absolutely adore this picture. So unique! So beautiful! So personal! It was gift for a close friend from a group of us and the new mum is just thrilled! Who wouldn’t be?!? Huge thanks."


Watercolour 20 x 12 inches / 50 cm x 30 cm

The Brief: Create a series of illustrations that come together to form the name Harriet.

The creation: This was fun to do - I included detail that reflected the letter presented; H for Horse, A for apple tree, R for rabbits, I for ivy, E for eggs, T for tree! 

The Review: Absolutely love it! The detail and colour is amazing. The perfect painting for our little girl's room.



Watercolour Illustration 10 x 12 inches / 25 x 30 cm

Brief: Create an illustration to budget depicting the name Mollie using cute and characterful creatures

The Creation: With so many tall letters, this was a little challenging to design! The design of mice and rabbit friends playing in an apple orchard worked well but I needed to ensure lots of colour to balance out too much brown!


Horse Portrait

Oil on Canvas 16 x 12 inches / 40 x 30 cm

The Brief: Paint an accurate likeness of a daughter's trusty equine friend!

The creation: This was one of my first commissions as an animal portrait artist and the first oil painting I undertook as a commission. I loved painting this gentle horse and a visit to meet the subject and take photos beforehand.

The Review: We have hung the painting in the dining room and every time we walk by, it is like he is in there!


Pup Pup

Pastel on A3 paper

The Brief: Create a true likeness of this beautiful bedlington terrier in all his curly haired glory!

The creation: I loved the challenge of capturing the curly hair in pastel; pastel really lends itself to a smooth and glossy coat! The looser detail of the coat really makes those gorgeous eyes stand out and look into your soul!

The Review: AW: I have to be honest, this was a commission from the past and never recorded the feedback. I like to think it was well received! I was one of my favourites


We Three Kings!

Oil on Canvas 16 x 12 inches / 40 x 30 cm

The Brief: Create a true likeness of three King Charles spaniels for their loving owner

The creation: This was a lovely challenge as it required not only the likeness of the spaniels but also a composition that allowed them to be brought together. 


Dressage Horse

Oil on Canvas 16 x 12 inches / 40 x 30 cm

The Brief: Create a true likeness of this much loved thoroughbred in her dressage bridle

The creation: I love trying to capture the different tones and shades in a horse that is essentially the same colour! The dark leather bridle gave me some more dark hues to play with so I chose to set it against a light background. 

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